Re: Disable auto selection of variant on Dawn 14.0

Disable auto selection of variant on Dawn 14.0

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I am using Dawn 14.0 theme, variants are displayed as 'pills'.


I would like to disable the default auto selection so the customers must choose an option.


I found codes that work for other versions and themes but I couldn't figure out how to do it in Dawn 14.0.


Thank you for your help!

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The principle is when rendering product page the first variant alway show to first as like default variant it's allow user can see the product. And then they can change to other options they want. If you disable it, the product part will become blank for first load.

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Thank you for your response.


However, I have two major concerns with the default variant selection in the Dawn 14.0 theme:


  1. Customer Errors and Returns: In the clothing business, having a preselected size can lead to errors where customers may overlook the need to select their correct size, resulting in returns and exchanges.

  2. Featured Products Display: In the featured products section, the main image should be displayed instead of the image of the first variant. This ensures consistency in product presentation.

Could you please provide a solution to disable the auto-selection of variants so that customers are prompted to make a choice? This functionality is crucial for my business as it helps reduce errors and improves the shopping experience.


Thank you for your assistance!