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I'm trying to do some theme optimisations as I'm finding a lot of significant issues with Shopify's overall performance and the more apps I have to add to fill functionality gaps the more extreme it gets. 

Is there a way to simply disable an app without deleting it completely so I can test performance? It seems a little unusual that the only option is to completely delete an app. 

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If it's an app that works based on code in your theme, you can comment out that code.

If it's an app that injects code into theme via content_for_header, you can use some liquid code to identify the url and assign a new content_for_header with the app script removed.

If you're not comfortable working in the code, you can either hire a Shopify developer or contact the app developers to ask if they can give detailed instructions how to temporarily disable the app.

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The lack of a standardized "disable" button in the shopify app management is a glaring issue. This should be standard practice for any app marketplace.