Disabling controls on video section

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 Hello Shopify Community, 

I'm setting up my password page for an incoming launch, everything works fine. I've added the new video section (which allows to include video directly for Shopify files section)  but I would like to disable the bar and controls once the video has started.




I just want to get the video playing without any control or bar. I'm using the Dawn theme, version 9.0.0, I can do all the coding needed. 


Thank you so much to anyone willing to help!


The store is: https://feartheordinary.com/password

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The solution is posted here. 

I applied the same and it is working fine.

Let me know if you need any help to implement it.

Check here 

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Hi @FearTheOrdinary 

Try to link video in this code definitely you get the desired result. 

<video width="suitable for you" height="suitable for you" controls="false" autoplay="autoplay">
<source src="video Link" type="video/mp4" />

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