Disabling Product Clicks on Home and Collection Pages - Need Guidance

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I'm in the process of fine-tuning the user experience on my Shopify website and have a specific customization in mind.

On both the home page and collection pages, I'd like to alter the functionality such that:

  1. Customers cannot click on product images or titles to navigate to individual product pages.
  2. Instead, they should only have the option to add products directly to their cart from these pages.

I understand that this might not be a common request and may require custom code adjustments to the theme. If anyone has experience with this sort of modification or knows how I can achieve this, your insights would be invaluable.


Website: swifft.com

Password: swifft2022

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I'd like to understand the details before I offer my services. If you do this on the home page and collection pages, how is the customer supposed to take a look at the products?

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The customer will be able to see the product picture and title which is all that is needed.