Discount allocation to 1st line item only for a specific product with variants

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Applying an auto discount for a product that sells at 795 for a discounted price of 99 (a discount of 696)


Discount is applicable only for a specific product, once per order.


So if a customer adds multiple quantities of the product, he/she will get the 696 off only once.


The issue is, if he/she adds 2 or more variants of the discounted product to the cart, Shopify is discounting 696 only once, which is correct, but it is dividing the discount amount equally between all added variants in the cart.


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Hi Ajmgprojects,


Do you have "Apply discount once per order" checked?



If it's checked, then Shopify will divide the 696 discount evenly between eligible items.


It sounds like what you want is:

- An automatic discount

- That only applies to a specific product

- That only applies to 1 line item per order


Is that accurate?