Discounts not showing on product in Store, or online until you get to checkout

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Why do the discounts I make up for a percentage off a product group, not show in the online store until checkout?


Why do I need to pay for pro so the discounts I've made will be applied in store at check out? why isn't this just baked in for everyone to use?


My wife and I are the only employees, so paying for pro to get a single feature is a total money grab by Shopify in my eyes, everything in the standard plan for $99 a month is all we need, and I'm expected to jump that to $389 a month just so my discounts and sale prices show properly?


I don't have the time to pick through every single thing I sell and put in comparison pricing, and then go back through after and take them all out for a store wide sale with varying discounts on product.


I'm still trying to figure out how Shopify expects people to have a sale and promote it... when nothing shows on sale in the online store until you go to checkout? or you need to stand at the register with a calculator to figure out the discounts on every single item brought to the counter?

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This is strange, discounts show on the home page even for basic plan what theme you are using please ?

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We are using one of Shopify's free themes Ride.


It straight up says discounts will not be applied to our in person point of sale unless we pay for pro which is complete BS.


It only shows discounts at checkout for our online store, how is that supposed to help us to get people buying when it doesn't show the sale price while shopping on our online shop? I've googled around and it sounds like its a very common problem with Shopify when it shouldn't be... There's no switch to toggle etc. it just doesn't work, and I'm not paying $350 for a theme to make it work, this should be a basic function for point of sale programs online and instore, regardless of the theme being used.

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I am using dawn and it doesn't show up.  Can I ask which theme you are using?  Thanks!

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Things have to be built they have to be tested they have to be supported.


It's a gradient of advanced behaviors.

Discounts are not generally really calculated until an AFTER an item is in the cart, and then again in the checkout to account for things like apps, bundles, currencies, total order subtotals etc etc etc.


So discounts can be incorrect on product description pages(PDP) vs checkout time.

It's also extra compute(processing power) on shopify's servers to calculate discounts in carts.

For PDP and carts on the online-sales channels discounts can be shown through customizations hardcoding the math or price-display, though prices could end up being inaccurate because settings are not kept in step with changes to discount-campaigns.


@StonyTS wrote:

 everything in the standard plan for $99 a month is all we need, and I'm expected to jump that to $389 a month just so my discounts and sale prices show properly

Really examine that thought process, false expectations are getting in the way.

So sales and discounts are incapable of paying for the difference of $99 to $389....

If displaying discounts earlier in the process generates more than ~$200 extra dollars of income a month that's an investment.

If displaying discounts earlier in the process DOES NOT generate more than ~$200 extra dollars of income a month then it's a waste of time.




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Thanks for talking down to me like I have no idea what I'm doing, you were a fantastic help!!! Keep up the great work.

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I agree with you Stony TS, I'm using the dawn theme, which is also free, and am on a basic plan. But I think it's ludicrous that the discount doesn't show up on product listings, how is anyone supposed to know that the items are on sale even.

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Hi StonyTS, sounds like the discount experience in Shopify has been frustrating so far.


A couple of questions here:


1. When you say, "discounts I make up for a percentage off a product group," are you talking about regular discount codes, or automatic discounts?


If you create an automatic discount that applies to all customers, it should show up on the cart page as well. If you're talking about regular discounts, then unfortunately yeah, you can't enter them until checkout. But you can possibly use a "slide cart" app that lets your customers enter discount codes from any page.


2. When you say, "show in the online store," what specifically are you expecting to happen?


Based on what you said about comparison pricing, it sounds like you're looking for a way to automatically set the compare-at price for a large number of products/variants. This is the exact type of thing I recommend using an app for. I don't know of any apps for your specific use case, but if one exists, it'll probably save you hours.


3. When you say, "pay for pro," are you talking about Shopify POS Pro? It's true that automatic discounts can't be used in the basic POS. I unfortunately don't have a solution here, as it's a platform-level restriction.


If you can answer those questions, I'll probably be able to help you find a workaround.

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#1- I'm talking about automatically discounted sale prices actually showing on sale on our website...  Right now they need to add items to the cart, then flip over to the cart to see if that item is on sale. Would that be a fun shopping experience that gets you to buy more if you can't see what items are actually on sale?


#2- I'm saying if I'm selling a $25 item for 25% off, it should show the reg price of $25 crossed out and the sale price of $18.75 beside it on the item page so they know its on sale... Why should they have to put it in a cart, then go to the cart to see if it's on sale... 


#3 Me having to pay an extra $3500 a year just so discounts show at the till in my brick and mortar store is a money grab and nothing else. There's no way you'll convince me otherwise, it's a basic function the and they are ripping people off to access it.

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Yip this is my question too! Literally is probably going to be the last straw that gets me to set up my Square Website...
Can anyone please help me to show my discounted products visually???

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The irony is that I HAD a Square site but HAD to move over to Shopify to make use of a specialized 3rd app that only works with Shopify (cannot conduct my business without it), but now there's this bloody inability to show sale prices (unless one manually changes the prices for hundreds, if not thousands of items) anywhere but inside the cart. Truly damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario. I'm at the point of pulling the plug entirely, as this particular limitation with Shopify is absurd. I simply do not buy any of the excuses/explanations provided by Shopify in regards to this. As so many have said, this should be a basic feature. Instead it's a fundamental flaw. 😫

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It is nothing but a pure money grab by Shopify, same with the app store... why do I need to pay someone else $10/$25/$50 or more a month just to access a basic options like a pop up box announcing sales and so on... 

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I do not disagree. I've been with Shopify for less than a year and I keep discovering things that I assumed were basic features included with Shopify, but instead require additional fees in the form of apps.


The first one was calculating precise shipping amounts for parcels. You'd think that this would be available "out of the box", but no, the only way to avoid generalized shipping rates (too much in some cases and too little in others) is to pay for a 3rd party app. And now this issue with sales prices. What a farce.

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Same issue here.  I have been trying to find a soluton to make it work but it seems Shopify don't have common sense or are just greedy to make you pay for the pro plan.


It is very simple and common sense.  When you create an automatic discount, it needs to show on the Home Page, Collections Page and Product Page.  Plain and simple.  Shopify needs to get its act right and stop playing games,

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I'm finding a lot of things are a money grab for Shopify! have to pay extra for a personalization box, extra for reviews to import.  And now extras for the basic function of your sale price showing on your page!?

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Hello everyone.


I found a workaround, courtesy of someone on Reddit, to display sales prices on product pages with minimal effort and ZERO coding. All one needs is decent organizational skills and a basic understanding of Excel (or other spreadsheet software). Below are the instructions lifted verbatim straight from verbatim. 


"You don’t need an app for this it takes 1 minute to do it in excel. Export your collection or products you want discounted then move the variant price column to the variant compare at price column then in the now empty variant price column use the formula =variant price-(variant price * %discount) and propagate that to the entire column, now you have the discounted price as percentage, save it and import it."


It's still a manual process, but it just takes a few minutes to execute it and to revert items to full price, assuming your products are already sorted by collection. It does have limitations such as not being to schedule it to start and end at a specific time; someone will have to pull the trigger manually. But it's free and requires zero programming knowledge, so I think this might be a great solution for those who do not want to spend extra and/or those afraid to tinker with code.


  • Make a copy of each file you export. You'll need them to quickly revert your discounted back to their regular prices.
  • Make sure not publish new item entries when importing your files. Choose the "[o]verwrite products with matching handles" option instead.

I hope this helps!