Display main image not first variant on page load.

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Hi all,

I've trawled the search function and found a fair few posts about variant images etc but not really one that fits what I'm after or if it does it's not very clear that it's the same thing. 

I am using Supply theme and I have product variant images. The problem is when the user clicks on the item to get to the product page it automatically changes the image to the first variants image. I don't want to do that, I'd like the main product image to stay until the user selects a variant from the drop down. I'd be happy with the default item saying something like "Please pick a color" and then defaulting to the main product image.

Could anyone help me get an idea about how this could be accomplished? I'm fairly new to Shopify but I can manage html, css and JS but not so experienced with JQuery or liquid. 

Many thanks in advance for all of your time...



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Hi Dear i am wondering is this process is same for venue theme. if its different please guide me. Thanks a lot  

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Hello, i have the same issu, i am using the theme impulse

can anyone help me please?

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Can you please please do the same for Debutify theme? Thank you!!