Displayed Barcode on variant switch and Compare at price.

Displayed Barcode on variant switch and Compare at price.

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Hi everyone!
I'm hoping someone may be able to help me out- I had posted this question previously:
However, it may have been in the wrong spot. I'm really hoping i could get either of these sorted.


I realize that Shopify isn't really designed for wholesale- but this is what i have to work with right now. 
We have 2 issues we are currently facing:  

1. Wholesale vs Retail pricing.  - We have set up our "compare at price" as the retail pricing. This works for majority of our products.  That being said- as a wholesaler we also sell in bulk- which is a large $ upfront, but less when sold individually. I'm hoping for a way to force shopify to always show the compare at price- even when the $ is less than the price. 
For example: Case of product is $60, but the product is sold individually for $7 - which is not showing due to being less than the price. 

2. Barcode & Variant updating.  As many people have experienced- when the variant updates- the barcodes stay the same. I have gone ahead and started removing the variants from my products, however there's so many products, and our customers have given us feedback that they don't like the separated products instead of variants - but they still want the barcodes... I tried to follow the 1 solution i found- but i have a different theme, and many things in the code were not matching. 

Unfortunately as a wholesaler I will be unable to remove the sign in to see price option. So i understand this can be difficult.

Thank you so so much for all your help!


Theme: Warehouse
UPC - Barcode   SRP- Compare at price.

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