District theme stop product image rollover on mobile

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Hi all!


Trying to finalise off my website in the coming weeks.  I have seen posts before that were solved regarding my question, but the coding didn't work for me, I am using the District theme.

Basically, on mobile, when I go to click n a product (on my mobile phone, not just the 'preview as mobile' on the desktop), it rolls over to the next image, so I have to click twice before it goes onto the product page.

I don't mind this in desktop, as once you've hovered the mouse it'll change, then one click gets you to the product page, but with mobile it doesn't look too professional having to click twice(as the first click rolls over to another image of that product).


Hope that makes sense and that somebody can help!

Also, I did google around, but nothing on District again>>> When I click on the thumbnails (which show varients of my product), it doesn't automatically show it as a changed varient in the drop down menu.  If I change varient on the drop down menu, it will change the image to the correct one, but not the other way round.



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