Does Anyone know if there's an app/code for a button that previews a JPG/PDF file on site?

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I'm looking for a plugin that incorporates a button on my site, when clicked on - shows a JPG/PDF file that describes my store in visual language and makes the experience for the customer easier.

Does anyone know if there exists an app or something like this?



Here's the link to the photo of the concept I'm looking for in case the attached image does not load:


Would be a button 'How it works' and then either a JPG or PDF file opens up. I've already made the JPG/PDF files, just looking for a plugin to integrate it with. Also attached a photo of the concept I'm looking for.Preview copy-min.jpg

Thank you in advance.


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Hi @hustlapirate21 ,

This featured you don't need an app.

May I suggest to update code these steps:

1. Go to Content -> Files -> Upload files


2.Go to Store Online-> theme -> edit code

3. File file that you would like to show this button

4. Replace button with code below:

<a href="{{ 'UserGuide.pdf' | file_url }}" target="_blank"> How it work </a>

5. Replace "UserGuide.pdf" with your file name. Example: 'abc.jpg', 'ded.png'.....

Note: If you want to a dynamic button that you can select file in the customize theme. You need create an metafield here. Because I don't know your theme/ section your are using. So I can't suggest an solution for this option.

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