Doris Theme Image Zoom Problem

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Hey guys, 


I am having some issues with the Doris theme or rather how image zooming works. For whatever reason, when you tap on the product image and it zooms in, the image gets all squished. This happens with any product and any product category, on both desktop and mobile, so it's a theme-wide issue. 







Messing around with the inspect element I did manage to see that it has something to do with the "box" the image is in because as soon as I remove its height, the image is back to normal. 


I however don't know what to do in the theme code to correct this permanently. All help would be appreciated. This is my recently opened store:


Thanks in advance!

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Hi DusanP,


I'm new to shopify and also using Doris theme for creating my clothing store. However I cant make the filters work on my site and also want to change some font types. 
Is it possible that you can guide me through?

My email address is Please share yours.