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I'm one of the developers of the Back in Stock app and we're looking for a way to download or install previous versions of the free themes created by Shopify (Debut, Minimal, Simple, etc). Our goal is to test our storefront code with as many themes/versions as possible. Anyway this would be possible?

Also, how would Shopify feel it those themes were available in a public Git repository? I could come up with something that would monitor for new versions, download the theme files and commit to Git.


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Hey, Ricardo!


I checked in with our Themes team, as well as our Partners team, however, they both informed me that this wouldn't be something we're able to provide. I can understand why you're looking to test your app with a variety of themes/versions, however, as it stands we only require apps to work with the current version of Shopify themes. 


Let me know if you have any questions!

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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Thanks for the reply, Peter.


I understand that Shopify require apps to work with the current version, however, as you know, not all shops use the latest and greatest and we can't ask them to upgrade their theme as we don't support older versions.  Most changes to themes are probably irrelevant for app devs, but major releases might introduce breaking changes so would be nice to test those. 

Would Shopify be OK with having the Shopify theme files in a public Github repository? I'm thinking it would be a valuable resource for other developers and I could make that happen by downloading theme files from a test store.

Also, is there a CHANGELOG for each theme that we can have access to?

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Did anything ever come of this? I'd also like to get a hold of a clean copy of some older Debut themes.

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I also have the same need. Too many users of my app with old theme versions that I have to support.