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Hi Gonzalo,

I'm surprised that this option isn't built into the navigation menu list for those of us that need this 'do nothing' function. Is it too much to ask that this feature be added to the navigation menu options so we shopify store owners don't have to google search to find this feature?


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Same issue here. This is bonkers. this feature has been a standard on every CMS already 20 years ago. Let me guess, they want you to buy some app for that and pay another $19/mo for the ability to set a blank link? There isn't even an option to put an external link (what if I want a menu link to my other store for example? Or for a government proof of license page?). What if I want a link to activate a form? A basic Javascript:Void(0); function would have been easy without the form trying to validating my entry and tell me that this isn't a link and it knows better than me what I want in my menu. 

This is a new Shopify website. Not impressed at all so far. Don't know if it's worth it keep fighting it or just move to a different provider

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You can actually link externally to another website. It's just not that obvious. You can't just type the link in there, you need to click it after you type it in the input field:


You have to click it in the dropdown menu and then apply it or it won't take. Same thing with the hash.


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