Duplicate Meta Description on homepage and /collections

Duplicate Meta Description on homepage and /collections

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Hello All, 


I can see this question has been asked numerous times but I have yet to find a workable answer so posting a fresh thread in the hope that someone will know how to sort it out. 

I have the duplicate meta description error showing for my homepage and /collections and can find no way to edit the description of the /collections page anywhere. Please note, it is not the individual collections pages that are the issue, rather it is the overseeing page that displays all collections https://lottieandlysh.co.uk/collections ... I've edit the meta description of the page in the Smart SEO app but there must be some code somewhere that is overriding the app and duplicating the description from the homepage 


Any ideas? Looks like this is a long running problem with posts as far back as 2017 🙄


Thanks in advance for any insight!

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You are not the only one, I was looking for ages to find the answer and still nothing. Shopify chat agents are unable to help - advising to hire someone to fix it. The answers I have found was to change a bit of coding but even after changing them still no solution. Hopefully there's someone who could help us.