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i got a question

I Will open a shopify store and a freelancer is building it now as we speak , but it is not a shopify theme , it is a themeforest theme 


I Will have one store in sweden and one in germany , and the structure i want is to build 2 stores on seperated accounts in seperated countrys  , for my personal liking. 


Is it allowed to duplicate my own store to my other account ? How do i do that ? 

i heard that shopify Will bann you if you do that . Is that true ? 


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You can definitely create duplicates of your own store. The only thing you have to worry about is your theme license. I'm not sure how the themes from ThemeForest work -- if you're allowed to use them on more than one store or not. If you purchase a theme from the Shopify theme store, then it's only good for one store/account -- so you'd have to purchase 2 copies of it. You'd have to check with ThemeForest (or the developer of your theme) to find out if they allow the use of the theme on more than one store/account. Shopify will only reach out if the theme developer reports your store for using an unlicensed version of their theme. If that happens, then you wouldn't get banned immediately -- you would have the opportunity to remove the theme from the store, before they take action against your account (ie. freeze the store). 

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