Dynamic Checkout Button Suddenly Greyed out And Without Function

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my dynamic checkout button is suddenly greyed out and does not work. Both on mobile and desktop view. When I am in the theme customizer mode, it at least shows the "go to checkout" text on it.


Nothing was changed, no new apps installed, no code changed. What could be wrong?


Code when clicking on the greyed out button shows a lot of hidden and disabled which could be a hint of the problem perhaps?


<button class="shopify-payment-button__button shopify-payment-button__button--unbranded shopify-payment-button__button--hidden" disabled="disabled" aria-hidden="true">&nbsp;</button>
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Update: Suddenly on the mobile version it shows up correctly again, desktop version is still greyed out. 


Not sure if this is correlated: Shortly before noticing that it works again at least on mobile, I changed the the newsletter popup frequency in the theme customizer to "show only once to visitors". Before that checkbox was deactivated. I tested deactivating that checkbox again to see if that perhaps confused the dynamic checkout button, but not change. 

So now the dynamic checkout button shows up correctly for the mobile version, but the desktop version is still greyed out.

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Hi @pszx94 can you share product link where this happens?

Shopify troubleshootibility 😉