dynamic checkout buttons throw a JS error 50% of the time

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Hi folks,

It seems that the dynamic checkout buttons on our product templates load inconsistently. About half of the time I can see a cryptic error in the javascript console that seems to be part of the button code.


51a14fb7a3aaaed66b48.322.en.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: pt.HG is not a constructor
at Module.gt (51a14fb7a3aaaed66b48.322.en.js:1)
at spb.en.js:10
at s (spb.en.js:10)
at Generator._invoke (spb.en.js:10)
at Generator.next (spb.en.js:10)
at f (spb.en.js:1)
at o (spb.en.js:1)

After one or two page reloads, the error disappears and the buttons work. Any idea what might be provoking this?

Example live page where this happens: https://eu.xouxou.com/products/black-phone-case-with-strap

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Did you ever resolve this? I'm running into exactly the same problem.