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How do I create custom keyword insertions on my landing page after someone clicked my Google search ad. On Google Search Ads you can use custom keyword insertion parameters which is dynamic. So let's say someone searches for the term "blue ball" then this would show in the title if you put a dynamic keyword insertion. Now how do I make these insertions on my landing page. So if someone clicks my google ad for "blue ball" I could use some url parameter thing? - to make the text on my landing page say "blue ball" to... I have seen this but I don't think it's easily possible in Shopify is it?

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Hello @SureBuy,

Hope you're doing well!


LanderMagic seems to be the perfect solution to your problem.
You can join the beta and use it for free if you join now 🙂 It will do exactly what you want. You can customize even more elements than just the title.


We just launched the private beta at the beginning of January.
It would be a pleasure to see you on the platform.

Fill the form with the email you want to connect with on LanderMagic and I'll send you login and password 🙂