Dynamic URL to a metaobject web page don't send to subdomains

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First, I've defined an "ingredient" metaobject with access to the online shop and the web page functionality activated manually (as explained here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/custom-data/metaobjects/webpages).

I therefore have "ingredient" metaobjects and their associated pages.

For example, I have https://sowelab.com/pages/ingredient/bergamote and its translation in English (except the URL which you can't translate) https://www.sowelab.com/en/pages/ingredient/bergamote


Then, for my Products and Collections, I've  defined a metafield "Ingredients" as a list of metaobjects "ingredient".


When I use dynamically these "Ingredients" metaobjects in Product pages or Collection pages, in a section such as multicolomn for instance, it adds a dynamic link (labelled "URL") to these "ingredient" metaobjects' web pages.



It is here that I have an issue.


The dynamic links to these "ingredient" metaobjects' web always redirect to the primary domain. In other words, when I use a dynamic field with my ingredients in a Collection or Product, the dynamic links systematically point to the ingredients pages on the primary domain. For instance, when you go on this page https://www.sowelab.com/es/collections/aceite-cosmetico-cbd (which is in Spanish and in the subfolder /es/) and click on let's say the link to the ingredient "Aceite de semilla de cáñamo - orgánico" you will be redirected to https://www.sowelab.com/pages/ingredient/chanvre (which is in French and part of the primary domain). Attached you will see that the URL displayed at the bottom of the browser is indeed redirecting to the ingredient page in French on the primary domain.




Any help will be welcomed!


PS: In Adapt & Translate, in the Collection template, I have tried to translate the link to the ingredient which is noted as {{ block.repeater.system.url }} to something like https://www.sowelab.com/es/{{ block.repeater.system.url }} but it does not work.

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