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Hi - I am trying to edit my current shipping confirmation email (standard shopify one). Removing the section in the red box and replacing with the text:


Fulfilment challenge.png



We’re pleased to say your order has been dispatched and is on route to you. Under normal conditions, we expect your order to be delivered within 10 working days but always aim to better this.


Congratulations on joining the Wacky Jersey Family!


Whenever I try and amend the code however it does not go to plan.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Hey @JamesC1990 


Whenever i've edited emails try to remove things in smaller pieces, it'll take longer but it's much easier to do and make no mistakes, otherwise you can open the code in a bigger code editor so that you can view more of the code while you delete it

Let me know if i can help further 

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