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Emails are styled correctly in editor and preview but arrive unstyled.

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I have a problem with custom styling of my emails. I manually designed my emails with html and css, but they arrive without half of styles. For example tags in html miss flex-direction: column; or justify-content: center;


Can anyone help me ? Please. I tried adding styles to both inside of html tags and in <style> sector of in header part of html. 

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Many issues

  1. Email is not a webpage, it allows a limited subset of html this is why the base designs for notification templates use tables, no you can't override that behavior. 
  2. Respect your customers inbox simplify designs, if you need modern CSS to get some design/layout into an email you've gone to far.
  3. Problem statements - When having issues with valid html for email, or in general code problems, or anything in life that requires inspecting by others, provide short concise example of that thing, text, or url or they can't help you because they can't see what your talking about and thus can't help with specifics for the things that are salvagible.



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