Embed audio clips with waveform to product page

Embed audio clips with waveform to product page

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Hey folks I wonder if anyone can help me. I run a sample pack store. I am trying to embed short audio clips in my product description that display the waveform along with a play button (please see the attached pics below for examples of this).


I do not want to add in a widget style player for these clips such as the Elfsight player, or embed a Soundcloud link as it looks clunky. 


I have scoured the web and tried inspecting the code of a few stores that use this style of audio player, but I have found nothing. Any help is much appreciated!


Example stores:




Many thanks!



 Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 20.26.21.pngScreenshot 2022-10-19 at 20.55.48.png

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Hey man! did you ever figure it out??