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I'm trying to embed the iframe below in a Shopify page.  Even when i insert it as HTML, the tag gets altered - double quotes and spaces get interpret, which disables it.  I got it to render in a Template, and appeared to function, but everything below it, including footer, fails to render.  I assume something is not closing.

Theme is Dawn in Shopify 2.0

I'm ok using it in the template if needed, but i'd rather do it in a page.  Worst case scenario, I can link to a page outside of Shopify, but that's less than idea.

I saw other posts that indicating they got iframe working in pages, which confuses me because i haven't been able to get any working because of the rendering.  I am putting the code in as raw html </>  but it gets converted on any save.  

thanks for any help !!!



<iframe src="https://
dealer=Rocket Music" frameborder="0" height="1200"
scrolling="auto" width="800" allowtransparency="true"></




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