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How can I enable thumbnails to the Featured Product Section in my DAWN theme. The thumbnails are visible on the product page, however when creating a landing page and adding the featured product section, I am not able to see the thumbnails for my product under the main image. I have attached a screenshot for reference. 




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Hey MtAustralia,


By default, that functionality is not available, for the 'featured products' block/section. The only way to see the other images/thumbnails, is to click into the product, via the "view full details" link in the bottom right-hand corner. 


If you wanted the thumbnails to also show, you'd have to get a coder to re-code the 'featured products' template for your theme. 


I'd recommend hiring an Expert from this page: 




Or else submit this as a small coding task on www.HeyCarson.com


If you wanted to try doing the coding yourself, I believe there are instructions for this on this forum post: https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-design/add-full-product-images-and-thumbnails-to-home-page-d...


Hope the above helps clarify things! 🙂




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