Error in Mobile check out under product photo

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I have changed the cart Icon to look better..

but now on mobile only I have 2 errors appearing on the final checkout saying

snippets/product-media-gallery line 131 😞 could not find asset snippets/icon-caret.liquid

snippets/product-media-gallery line 145 😞 could not find asset snippets/icon-caret.liquid

Any one can help me solve those 2 broken links ?

{%- endunless -%}
{%- endfor -%}
{%- unless is_duplicate -%}
<div class="slider-buttons no-js-hidden quick-add-hidden{% if hide_mobile_slider %} small-hide{% endif %}">
class="slider-button slider-button--prev"
aria-label="{{ 'general.slider.previous_slide' | t }}"
{% render 'icon-caret' %}
<div class="slider-counter caption">
<span class="slider-counter--current">1</span>
<span aria-hidden="true"> / </span>
<span class="visually-hidden">{{ 'general.slider.of' | t }}</span>
<span class="slider-counter--total">{{ media_count }}</span>
class="slider-button slider-button--next"
aria-label="{{ 'general.slider.next_slide' | t }}"
{% render 'icon-caret' %}
{%- endunless -%}
{%- if first_3d_model -%}
class="button button--full-width product__xr-button"

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Hello @holahopa24 ,


You can add icon-caret svg on icon-caret.liquid file in snippets folder.

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Hi @holahopa24 


This is Richard from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App


Seems like the issue is because of you call to the icon-caret here {% render 'icon-caret' %}


In this case, you can delete this liquid code or you can simply create a new file under Snippets with that name



Hope this can help you solve the issue 


Best regards,

Richard | PageFly

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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