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expanding accordion feature upon page load

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I'm trying to figure out how to default just the first accordion of the 3 featured within the product.template.liquid. I'm essentially just trying to have only the 1st part titled "Description" automatically be expanded upon page load while keeping all the same current functionality. Currently, they are all set to default to collapsed position

Here's an example of one page where the accordion currently sits: 

I believe either the product template or snippet titled "hc-accordion-description.liquid" is what needs to be changed but nothing seems to work and can't find anything to edit so might need to just add some code. 

I'm using the Debut Theme but the accordion was added by HeyCarson last month so I don't think the theme really matters here since it's a custom script.

Here's a screenshot of what the end result should look like upon loading for clarity. I'd appreciate any help!  Thank you

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 7.16.46 PM.jpg


 Thank you

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