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Express Theme four bugs - 1. headerButtons missing; 2. jQueryODD is not a function; 3. Cart drawer

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Hello Community,

I am customizing the Express Theme, and the browser consoler shows the following four bugs. Attachment are the screenshots, in the same as the questions' order. The 4th picture is the 4th bug, but the 5th picture is the expected icon.

1. Uncaught Type Error: "jQueryODD" is not a function at odd_front.min.js:1

2. theme.min.js?v=8885230488852426695:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length')
at n._closeMobileNavigation (theme.min.js?v=8885230488852426695:2)
at n._handleMobileNavigation (theme.min.js?v=8885230488852426695:2)

3. When I enabled the cart drawer feature, the cart drawer pop-up did not show the check out button.

4. And I found out that the buttons of header become a cross sign but not the original icon with 3 short lines.

Could anyone answer any of the above questions? I would be very appreciated.

App link: first and the second bugsThe first and the second bugsdetails of the second bugdetails of the second bugthe 3rd bugthe 3rd bugthe 4th bugthe 4th bugexpected header iconexpected header icon

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