Extra white spcae at the bottom in chrome

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Hi, i have a weird problem, i am designing a website but at the bottom i can see some extra space. This space is no where defined in the code.

Unfortunately, i am unable to share the url due to an NDA but can share snippets of code if need be.


Please refer document attached with the screenshot.

When checked via the inspect element, an additional line is added in the code which says

<html class="" style="padding-bottom: 60px;"><head>

Please help.


This is nowhere defined in the code.

The website is working fine on Edge, Mozilla Firefox, mobile. The issue is only on chrome, i have updated chrome to the latest version.

Help needed.

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Basically you are working on your shopify store right now on Chrome 

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No genuine response. This seems to be an issue with Chrome where the code is adding some additional height to the code. I believe I need to add skme explicit parameters while defining the browser..