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Our site URL is https://nursenails.myshopify.com/?key=5e3b1d8be59ad4690d843449ad51a715338ab59d91ca52698c7ce8fe001f95...

We would like to make the following changes:

1) Remove 'Nurse Nails' from the top left-hand corner of the home page.

2) Move 'Nurse Nails' down slightly to be just above 'Scroll down to start shopping'. Move down by approximately one centimetre.

3) Change 'Home' label to 'About'.

4) Once the 'About' link is clicked, the webpage is to automatically go down to the 'About' section (which is just under the home image).

4) Change 'Catalog' label to 'Shop'

5) Remove the search picture (magnifying glass) from the Home page.

6) Remove capitalisation from the heading 'Nails'

7) How can I use a different font from what has been used previously on the home page? For example, the font being used on "Nurse Nails" is in cursive writing, however I want to use Times New Roman font for the 'Add to Cart' button as well as using Times New Roman font for the 'Newsletter' and 'Quick Links' sections on the home page.

How to keep the 'About' and 'Shop' heading to always appear even if the user scrolls down.

9) Catalog page - we want the entire list of products to appear here, not a preview page. Can this be removed so that our entire collection of photos appears on this page as soon as the user navigates to the 'Shop' page?

Many thanks

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Hello @KaneDoesListen ,

I suggest you to post these requirements on any job portal where you will find developers with price quotes. 


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