Feedback on using Dark Theme for my store

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Good afternoon, I need feedback relating to the dark color scheme I am using for my shopify store. I am using an all dark (black) theme, instead of the traditional white theme which most sites use. I personally like the look but I am concerned if this is why I have low conversion.


Note: I had site redesigned about 3 months ago, and I use to have the white theme before, conversions were a little better, but not much.


For all fellow e-commerce entrepreneurs and experts, please tell me what is your opinion on using this dark background. Do you like the look? Do you know if the traditional white theme is better for conversions than using a dark theme? Do you think using a black theme the way I am using it, hurts sales / conversions?  


Here is my site:


I really Appreciate any feedback given. Thank You!

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Hey @JuanG ,

You might get lot of reponse if your post the question on FEEDBACK ON STORE >


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