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Hello Shopify Community 

My name is thaheer irfan and this is my store address 

Iam using Dawn theme in my store infact i have just installed it now.  i have deleted my all products day before yesterday because i would like to make some changes in my store while adding products and filtering etc. 

what features i need is let me explain you clearly with screenshots

you can also see all the below mentioned examples in live from this store. because i have taken inspiration from this store

1)Adding Filters

Screenshot (138).pngScreenshot (137).png




See these screenshots there are  several  options like filter by brand ,neck, pattern,fit, length, sleeve length, fabric, etc. likewise i too want to add  in my store.


and see while coming to the women's wear  see the below screenshot

Screenshot (139).png



 point to be noted from above we came to know that the product filters changes depending upon the product type exactly the same feature i want in my store too.

for example when we click on "length filter" in mens wear it shows regular or longline

while coming to the women's wear  "length filter"  it shows knee length, midi length ,maxi length, above knee etc.

consider active filters  Hope you got my point  and I request to  check one by one example from here menswear and women's wear 

and second one is 


see the screenshots below

Screenshot (140).pngScreenshot (141).png


Have you observed onething the options or attributes (we call them attributes in wordpress) which are available as specifications are also available as filters and likewise women's product specifications are quite differ from the that of the men's collections Obviously they should be like that.

actually how this process goes in wordpress is while adding product we can add  attributes and that attributes we can show them in filters i don't know how this process goes in shopify.

i know how to add colors sizes in filters but  the point here is  adding values like pattern , sleeve length , length , neck , occasion etc like this type of filters 

If anyone have solution for this  i think code is involved in this however it may be if anyone knows please give me best resolution for this 

Thank you. 

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