First / default image of product is not displayed as the default one on product page [Dawn 12.0]

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I'm using Shopify with the Dawn theme in Version 12.0 together with Printify.

After products get automatically published from Printify to Shopify, I add a better new image in the first position, as I don't like the default ones from Printify.


The new image that is now the default one and in the first position for the product in the admin view, is now also displayed as the default one on all the collection pages, featured product snippets etc.


However when I select the product and go to the product details page, it is not displayed / selected anymore as the default one, but as the 2nd one in the image selection gallery.

As it is the default one on all the collection pages and the first one in the product admin page, I assume and want it to be also displayed as the default one when opening the product page.


Instead the displayed default image is the one that is the first in Printify which is also the one when you select a different color variant.


I searched the whole web and couldn't find any solution to that.


As I can not upload images to this post, I uploaded them to imgur:

The first one shows how the product is displayed in collections and the 2nd one after you clicked on it and the product details page opens.

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I'm still struggling with this issue...


I can't be the only one that would like the shop to behave like this.