Fix URL parameters, such as ?pr (please help)

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I have tried to find a solution for this problem for over 3 days, I cannot find a solution at all. I'm looking to remove query parameters, for example: (e.g., pr, _pos, pr_prod_strat, pr_rec_id, pr_ref_pid, pr_rec_pid, pr_seq) from the URL. 

when I click on products that show up in "you may also like" or I search for products, the URL of that product turns into a really unclean link which also makes it bad for SEO. 

there is no guidance on how to remove this, I have seen other shopify stores that have removed this completely. And the product shows up exactly as it should, without the weird tags. Whether it was searched for, or found through "you may also like" section.


please can someone help. 

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