Floating share buttons in latest Prestige theme's Product page ?

Floating share buttons in latest Prestige theme's Product page ?

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Is there a way to replicate the above social media sharing menu, in the floating button style which was available in Prestige Theme version 5.x but now I'm not seeing an option to add it in version 9.3. 

However, there are share buttons available to embed in the product information section of the Product page - which does not work with being on top of the carousel images.

Is there any way to bring those buttons within Prestige theme version 9.3 ?  


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Hello @AllStarMango 


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Yes, It is possible to add floating share buttons on product images as per the images but you will have to change the position from the code. So if you are not good with code and can break the theme do seek help of a developer to make this for you.



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