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Flow Theme - Change the position of product description

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Hey everyone!


I want to ask you, if it's possible to change the product description's position, on product pages.

We would love for it to be done so that it's right here in this area, instaed of "moms inkluderet."



If it is possible then I would love to know how. I've also recorded a very short video showing exactly what I mean: 


Thank you so much for your time!!

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I am trying to figure out the same thing and I see you figured it out here:


Please advise! 😉

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Hi, any luck with this? I need the same!!

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Yes. Here is what I was told by the developer:

"I have some good news regarding product descriptions!

These can now be added like this:

Move the product description to the product form video guide

Add a custom liquid block :

Copy and paste in to the custom liquid block:


Please note that if there is any additional custom coding added to the
product's description, this may not display correctly.

Hopefully this helps to get things going for you."
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This worked!!! Thank you so much.