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Fold-out variants and price Incl. price per unit as button

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Dear Community,


I have seen the following function in a store, which would also be very helpful for our store. However, I am struggling with the implementation, can you perhaps help?


I am using the Dawn Theme in version 11.0.


The price is displayed in a button, clicking on it unfolds the variants. The price can only be seen in the button, so not a second time in the usual view or similar.


The shop I'm talking abut is: Maybe you have ideas regarding the implementation 🙂

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Hi @Renego 


It's a simple accordian heading shaped in button style.


It has the price of first available variant and it's detail probably coming via metafield.


On clicking on it accordian content is visible they have placed rest of the content like description variant list etc in content.


Hope this will help...

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