Font doesn't apply to foreign language/ second language [Dawn Theme]

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I have a problem, I choose font on Shopify fonts settings and it doesn't applied on my foreign language [In my case Hebrew].

Why is that? in inspect it shows the font is "Assistant" on Hebrew & English text but in reality it doesn't.

- Dawn Theme: 14.0.0
- Assistant fonts support Hebrew Letters 
- Translation was built in "Translate & Adapt" app
- I will add URL if necessary 

If someone can navigate me how can I do that it or Free app that can do that I would be thankful

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 9.57.59.png


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Solved:  for those who might land here

  1. Download FONTIFY [free] 
  2. Enable the app and click save
  3. choose font
  4. choose "All (body tags)"
  5. choose the language you want to translate [the foreign lang/ second lang] 
  6. click save

Btw they have very good support team so don't hassle to ask for help & Also here I would love to help you out