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Font preview for personalised products

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I sell personalised products and I’d like two have a font preview section linked to each product so customers can enter the text and see what it looks like in their chosen font.

I’d also like a full page that shows the chosen text all of the fonts when typed in a text box (not just one at a time).

Please through your details if you can do this. I’d also like to know an approx price I could exact to pay for something like this please.

Thanks in advance!




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I built a font preview app that does exactly that - to make choosing fonts easier for your customers.

You can check it out at

First you upload your fonts then create a Showcase page. The pages can be embedded on your website or shared as a link to your customers.

Note that this is not a plugin but a separate service.

If this is something that interests you, please sign up on the website to try it out. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hey, I would love to try out your font preview site, but when I sign send a message to open our email to confirm. When I open the email, there is no link to confirm! Can you help?

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Hi @sopafia

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I think I see the problem. The signup had an error. I will try to delete your account first.

Can you please sign up again?

Again, apologies for the hassle.

Let me know if you still encounter issues.