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Font Size - Dawn Theme

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I'm changing the theme of my store to the new Dawn theme. 

Does somebody know how can I change the font size of...

- Product tittle at the collection page

- Text content of the retractable tab

- Content, secondary typography


Thank you!!!!! 😊

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Hello @we-are-places ,

Specific customization option is not available in any theme.
For doing these customization either you have to do changes in theme files your own or hire an expert. 
Here a/to your requirements you have to write css code. e.g. to change product title font-size in collection page you have to add this css in component-card.css 

.collection .card-information__text.h5 {
    font-size: 20px;

do same for other with their target class/Id and it will done.


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Try GEMPAGES page builder, a great app with drag & drop features and active support.
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This solution does not appear to work on Dawn 3.0. I pasted the suggested code at the top of the suggested file but nothing happened.