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I'd like to format the metafields on our product page by bolding them, increasing the font size, and/or changing the colour. Right now, I am using the metafield formatting built into our theme (Craft), but as you can see in the example, it blends into the product description, so I'd like to make them stand out more:

On Site.png


I know the coding to use to change font appearance, but I'm not sure where to add it. The coding for our product page looks like this: 


We have 2 metafield codes, above and below the product title. Can I add the formatting code somewhere in there?

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To format style metafields with CSS the html structure is what you need to investigate.


Do not rely on screenshots when discussing code.

Always provide inspectable urls of the problem or specific code samples

This will drastically increase the chances of a solution or a CSS bandaid. 

The first screenshots only convey the visual output, and the second only part of the JSON structure of setttings of the entire page. 



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I'm not sure what you mean by an inspectable url.  If I shouldn't be looking in the product.json code, where should I be looking? Our main-product.liquid doesn't include anything referencing metafields.