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Full width Product Description Brooklyn Theme

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I am using the Brooklyn theme and currently using thumbnails for the images instead of the default stacked look. I was wondering if anyone found a way or can help me edit my code in a way to have the product description span the full width of the product page, we have very long descriptions so all the way across takes up alot less space and alot less wasted space. I have looked around and found none that are easy enough to follow or do exactly what i need, I found some for other themes but they are not the same code.



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Hi there, share your product page codes with us then you may get a solution. Best of luck!

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(It wont let me put the code in as it exceeds the number of characters, I am using the normal Brooklyn theme product page), Here is my code for my product template, heres an example of my page with the description all on the right ( I tried following another forum in a copy of my code, but it ended up having the add to cart button fall all the way down. heres the link to the forum, on the second page you can see people having the same issue, but i cant figure out how they solved it after that (

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Looking at your page I see that you found a solution for this issue. Would you mind sharing what you did to sort it out?