Get quote on cart if one of the products has hidden price

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I have a client who sells antiques, and each varies a lot in price. A lot of items are 'price on request', meaning they are set to $0 with the price hidden. I want shoppers to be able to request a quote (for single or multiple items), and then edit/convert that quote to an order. I know this is possible with some quote/hide price apps.


However, if the cart contains only products with defined prices (no 'price on request' or $0 items) I want the user to be able to make the online purchase.

An example of the two different options would be:


Cart #1

Product 1: Price on request (product is set to $0 in the back end)

Product 2: $100

Product 3: $150



Cart #2

Product 1: $50

Product 2: $100

Product 3: $150

[BUY NOW: $400]


Is something like this possible?

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Hi @robcmcd 


I would recommend creating two product templates, one for the NO price, and one with price. Hide the price on the one requesting quote. You do need to add some custom code to add a button to contact you for quote. We do have a free code available for that and it works with Shopify 2.0 Free themes. 

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Thanks Made4Uo, I don't think this a solution for my problem as I have other ways of hiding the price/getting a quote on an item already (such as using Request a Quote + Hide Price).


I'm looking for a way to allow users to either purchase items if they are all listed with prices, OR to allow them to get a quote if at least one of the products in their cart has their price hidden.


The only other option i can see is to only allow items to be quoted, even if they all have a price, and then convert the quote to an order each time.