Getting Image Banner Content On Mp4 Video

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hello everyone i want to get the text and button from my image banner on my mp4 video i first had a gif in the image banner but this was loading slow and looked not good so i searched on google how you can get a video background and followed the steps the video looks good now but the button and text not also i want to align the text to the middle left i wondered if there is a possibility of copying the code of the button and text and then paste it in the code of the video background hope someone can help me i put some pictures below to make it more clear thanks! 


the old gif with the button and text i want:

Screenshot 2024-02-22 10.37.09 (1) (1).png

the new mp4 video with the wrong text and button:

Screenshot 2024-02-22 10.36.41 (1) (1).png


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Hello @Distinctz,

Can you please share the URL of the site? If your site is password-protected, then please also provide the password.

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hello thanks for answering


my store url is the site is not password protected