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Hi there, I have the Debut theme and I'm using Adobe fonts. I am able to connect them via the assets and CSS styles, however I noticed the theme global settings are still set to Helvetica, and there are some instances where Helvetica is still being used.


Is there a way to globally remove Helvetica with the correct Adobe fonts?





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Hi, Goldendust20

You can this shopify app.

And you change the font in theme setting of theme customize.

Or you change the css code in 'theme.scss.liquid'.

If you want, I can help you.

Good luck!

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Please follow this tutorial to learn how to add custom fonts to your shop.

Although it does work by adding the fonts directly to the assets folder, it gets trickier to know whether it's properly working or not since you can't directly see the URL generated.

I'd suggest adding the fonts to the store's database, like the tutorial above shows you. Let me know if you need further assistance.

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