Google search console warnings Products, Missing field priceValidUntil, url etc.

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I have also the same problem with my website , i need solution please. Thank you

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I have this warning on Google search console:

Missing field "priceValidUntil

First detected: 2/16/21

Status: WarningFirst detected: 2/16/21
Status: Warning
It is possible that some body from Shopify share  step by step code solution?
My Theme is from Shopify and I can understand how these codes are not friendly with google. Any theme from Shopify should be search console google friendly   no body should have these problems. 
I have 5 warnings:
Missing field "aggregateRating"
Missing field "priceValidUntil"
Missing field "sku" ....
all my product have SKU, so I can't understand why I have this problem.  But I just hope that a list in this forum Shopify send some body that make a video or blog and answer how to fix "priceValidUntil" but step by step. 
My theme is Debut  ( I guess product template on debut is the same for all)
Thank you. 
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I have only started on shopify about 2 months ago. My understanding of these warnings are just warnings and not a concern. Personally I would prefer to fix this issue. I want to know what happens is you verify the warnings as approved as myself is correct and to stop the warnings. I have 7 warnings for things within shopify that I have yet to access or chose to ignore. 



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I'm not a coder. But I solved this with common sense.

Step 1:  inspect your website page URL

Type in this URL


Once the page opens. Find this highlighted line of code.



"@type" : "product"



This highlighted code is your best friend. Because under this line is were you place your SKU, Gtin, priceValidUntil, etc..


Step 2: Find that code in your theme liquid

Go to theme > Edit Code

Now you need to be smart. I don't know which theme you are using. But you need to find that highlighted code. Wherever it is.

I use Prestige theme, so mine was inside the microdata-schema.liquid file inside the assets folder.


Step 3: Open Google Structured data testing tool

This tool is better than Google search console because it shows your changes instantly.

Google search console takes like a day before it shows that you changed something. So use the structured data testing tool to test your changes instead.

Step 4: Time to fix the errors

This part is tricky, because if you forget a single comma, the whole code fails.

• To get SKU. Place this code



"sku": "{{ }}",



Here I have turned my product ID into my SKU.

• To get Barcode (gtin12), place this code under


"gtin12": "{{ product.variants.first.barcode }}",


Here I have made the barcode of my first variant into the barcode of the whole product.

My end result on the "view-source" looks something like this


    "@type": "Product",
  "@id": "https:\/\/\/products\/myproduct",
    "offers": {
      "@type": "Offer",
      "price": "48.99",
      "priceCurrency": "USD",
      "url": "",
      "sku": "6716571582613",
      "gtin12": "495620164949"



To get reviews or aggregate rating, just download a reviews app and save the stress.

I haven't done priceValidUntil because I'm not a coder. I need to find a way to make the date to constantly update itself.

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I don't speak English, even so, your answer helped me a lot, I followed the investigation and found how to update the date automatically, use this code in the section "offers": {

"priceValidUntil": "{{'now' | date: '% s' | plus: 100000 | date: '% Y-% m-% d' | uri_encode | replace: '+', '% 20'}}" ,

where plus: 100000 equals adding a day, replace 1 with your appropriate number of days. thanks again, if you have any solution share