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I sell ski's with different lengths in cm and would like to group similar lengths of various products in a new metafield called "Size Bucket". The idea is to group all sizes between 160cm and 169cm in a new metafield called "165cm" (or something similar. Is their a way to do this grouping of different variants of different products by using some kind of a formula in the configuration of a metafield?

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Hi @dorfke ,

If you want your variants of products to be grouped by metafields automatically, you can try category metafields of Shopify's winter version. Still, that feature is in early access mode and only available to certain merchants.

Now, I think you can add this meta field for your variants by hand

Go to Custom data and create a new variant meta field, name Size Bucket

Then Go to Products and edit variants, in the meta field Size Bucket, enter "165cm"

view - 2024-02-26T093836.367.png

Hope it helps @dorfke 

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