Hamburger mobile menu not working - in any theme

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I've removed all new apps - so I don't know if the problem lies within the apps. Basically, each time I open the mobile menu, it's only good to open once. After that, you cannot open it again, no matter how many times you click or refresh the page. - that's my site

What's weird is, I found that on one copy of Venture, I could open the hamburger menu. However, I cannot edit this theme because for some reason one of my apps doesn't work on it. I uninstalled the app on that theme and then reinstalled and the app doesn't work well. It's a vital app for this store as it offers buy now, pay later options for my customers. 

So my choices are:

- Offer the buy now pay later WITHOUT the use of the hamburger menu 
- Have the working hamburger menu but not be able to offer buy now, pay later (which took me 12 months to get on the store) 

Can anyone suggest if there's an edit to the code that I will need to do? 

Thanks in advance 


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