Have to click Add to cart twice

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Hi there, I'm using Broadcast theme for my site.

On mobile only, you have to press "Add to Cart" button twice to get the item into the cart. First press does nothing. I've noticed it's like this on the Broadcast demo too.

Any ideas how to fix? Thanks.



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Hello @clairebear,

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and Thanks for your Good question.

Please share your site URL,
So I will check and provide a solution here.


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Same problem on my site I have Debut Theme. Please Help!

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I’m having the same problem... Has this been solved? I’ve seen a huge tank in sales because of this. Please advise.

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depends on your button, please give me your url

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I'm having this issue on the mobile version of my site as well.
Theme: Debut
URL: www.aposterioricoffee.com
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hey guys I was facing similar issues while browsing my shopify site in IOS devices. I was using debut theme. I could solve the issue via javascript. the code goes as below : 

  var mobileNoHoverState = function() {

var hoverClass = 'hover',
    $target = $("#ad2cart"),  // instead of #ad2cart put your add-to-cart button id or class
    preventMouseover = false;

function forTouchstart() {
    preventMouseover = true;

function forMouseover() {
    if (preventMouseover === false) {
    } else {
        preventMouseover = false;

function forMouseout() {

function init() {
        touchstart  : forTouchstart,
        mouseover   : forMouseover,
        mouseout    : forMouseout

return {
    init: init

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Seems its working now, how did you fix the problem? Because sometimes I have the same problem on mobile phone. Sometimes It works on clicking the first time, sometimes I have to double click on my add to cart button..