Have You Ever Seen Such an Ecommerce Integration Before?? (In project phase)

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Hello friends,

We are developing a new e-commerce integration and we would like to get your opinions as well.

Infrastructure: Shopify

It will be a turnkey solution. Once you acquire the system, you will only need to add the products. The rest will be completely automated.

Here are the tasks the automation will handle:

1st stage A web developer and web designer colleague will edit and customize the website according to your preferences, bring the site to the desired level, and deliver it to you.

2nd stage After adding the product, it will automatically share the product in post format on 10 social media accounts (along with the product sales link). The social media accounts where it will share as posts are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vk, YouTube, Snapchat, Flickr.

3rd stage Your products will be listed in 5 social media shop stores. (After being listed in the shop section, when the customer says "buy the product", it will direct them to the website.) (It will do daily price and stock checks.) (The shop accounts where the products will be added are Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, TikTok Shop, Vk Shop, YouTube Shop).

4th stage The products added to the website will be added to 5 marketplace platforms, and daily automatic price and stock updates will be made. (The marketplace platforms to be added are Amazon, eBay, Etsy, AliExpress, Ozon).

Your only task will be to add products to the site; the system will take care of all subsequent processes.

You will need to engage with a digital marketing expert/agency for advertising management. Your remaining task will be to manage the budget.

Would you consider purchasing such a system? If so, how much would you estimate it to cost?


What do you think the price of such a system should be?


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