Having prices of both the sizes of the variants under them

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I would be really thankful if anybody can help me having prices of the both variants in the shop page before entering to that specific page. I am attaching an example of my website which was on word press and I was having this feature. 

My website's URL is www.theoils.net.

currently when you go to shop's page you will see only 1 price which is of the biggest variant. 
When i was using word press on the main page of shop it use to display both the prices as you can see below.


please guide me.

would really appreciate.


Thank you.

Both pricesBoth prices

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Hello @UzairAli 

We can assist on that then share with you the solution as there is no one size fits them all approach, we would to request collaborator access and have a look at that.

Let me know!

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